LAB #3

This July we spent two days upstairs at the Tote building in Green Square consolidating where we are at in terms of the site, our yurt designs and preparing for our upcoming exhibition and ongoing site brokering.

Being located in Green Square was useful for the lab because we need to explore alternative options to our proposed site. And also because there is still so much to learn about this fascinating experiment that is Green Square becoming.

We kicked off with an evaluation of the mapping process we used to prepare for the Baadlands exhibition and atlas publication. Jen and Tessa led a reflection on the peculiarities discovered about the changing land form and the history of Green Square in its previous industrial incarnations. We used this as a structuring device for Day 2 exploration of the site.

We also needed valuable time to further develop our current Yurt designs, testing them against aesthetic and engineering specs for the site. The explosion of design parameters were then further developed in the context of a ‘philosophy of occupation’ which we spent the most part of the second day drilling into.

As we construct and deconstruct the various physical realisations of the project, we are also unfolding a collaborative practice and methodology particular to the project and participants. Phoebe led the discussion followed by others around particular permaculture and biological processes that are akin to what we are experimenting with. Homeostasis as a description is suited to what we are attempting, with a number of constraints that we calibrate in conjunction with a changing environmental and group collaborative exercises that work or fail according to the momentum of the direction we are heading in.

The final session was a bike and pedestrian drift through the site – the images of which are in the gallery. We followed a route that visited the 19th century marks on the map such as the original sites for the waterloo dam, tannery, and dairy. The changes are significant and reflect the ongoing and accelerated changes that are the legacy of Green Square.