Clare Britton

Clare Britton is an artist who works to create original, visual theatre- applying her experience as designer, performer and theatre maker. Clare is Co-Artistic Director of My Darling Patricia. A founding member of the company, Clare has collaborated to create My Darling Patricia’s process and body of work. My Darling Patricia’s work has toured nationally and won theatre and design awards in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Concurrent to her practice with My Darling Patricia, Clare has an active freelance practice. This includes an ongoing collaboration with artist Matt Prest- creating performance/installation works The Tent, Hole in the Wall and, in collaboration with Branch Nebula, Whelping Box. Clare is currently developing My Darling Patricia works Mantle, Alice Osborne’s Falling Woman, The Piper and The Batela Project. Freelance, Clare is working on Ash Dyer’s Life Support, Martin Del Amo’s Slow Dances for Fast Times, Aunty Rhonda Dixon Grovenor’s The Fox and the Freedom Fighters and Room Noise with Matt


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