Tessa Zettel

Tessa Zettel is a writer, artist and educator. She works across disciplines as a redirective practitioner to imagine or enact other ways of living that are generative of sustainment, dialogue and new economies. Tessa is a co-founder of Makeshift, a Sydney-based collaborative whose site-responsive works appear as participatory, durational interventions in which a kind of ‘fabulist archaeology’ makes visible contested histories and possible futures. These projects involve opening up spaces of dialogue or exchange (often facilitated by the presence of food), and a revaluing of obscured cultural knowledge, histories and practices. Tessa’s most recent  ventures include the preservation project Making Time for ANTI Festival of Contemporary Live Art in Finland and Performance Space in Sydney; Kauri-oke! at the 5th Auckland Triennial; and a collaborative residency with with Jennifer Hamilton, Tilting at WIndmills. In 2013 she was mentored by Slovenian artist/architect Marjetica Potrc and a visiting fellow at Akrai Residency in Sicily, Italy. www.oumopo.com




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