The Lot

THE LOT (Hugo Moline, Heidi Axelsen, Adriano Pupilli) is a collaborative spatial design practice based in Parramatta.  Hugo Moline, Heidi Axelsen and Adriano Pupilli make up the core team of  THE LOT. We operate in different combinations with a wide variety of collaborators depending on the scale and nature of the work.  All of our work is focused on developing more democratic modes of city-making, fundamental to this is active community participation in how places are planned, developed and understood. We design buildings, games, public machines: personalised vehicles, adaptable shelters, hand-made maps, soluble animals, edible cities, discursive infrastructure, and so on. Through these interventions we ask questions about the much larger structures which frame our lives, sticking our fingers into the cracks and guessing at what some alternatives might look like. We have worked in Sydney, Marrickville, Fairfield, Parramatta, Berlin, Bangkok, Manila and Suva.


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