Tiani Chillemi

Tiani Chillemi is a communication specialist with a keen interest in interdisciplinary practice, independent media and audience engagement. Working across various marketing, publicity and production titles, Tiani has developed audiences for ISEA 2013, Time Machine, Rolling Stock and Anode art festivals as well as co-founding the Underbelly Public Arts Lab and Festival at CarriageWorks. In Melbourne, Tiani curated, produced and promoted the contemporary artspace 1000 £ Bend and the Eco-City exhibition for the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab. From 2010 – 2011 Tiani spent two years working with cultural organizations in Cambodia producing the largest multi-arts festival, Angkor Art Explo touring to rural and urban communities throughout the country. Tiani also sits on arts boards for The Wired Lab and Altoparlente Ltd. and is currently the Development Manager at Metro Screen, the largest film, tv and digital media hub in New South Wales.  www.decodemedia.com.au