Compliant Yurt

has the humble ambition to fit in, be accepted and survive in the world of DCPs, LEPs and SEPs, and then to propagate as a stealth housing strategy utilising the gaps in existing regulation which could allow anyone to develop their own backyard yurt colony.

The Compliant Yurt is an open method for smuggling utopias into the city and suburbs in the guise of art-object, garden shed, ‘cabana’ and other typologies which escape regulation.

The Compliant Yurt distills the characteristics of a building type anyone can build, anywhere, for any purpose by cloaking it as complying backyard development.

Housing supply is struggling to meet demand in Australian cities. Housing whether renting, buying or building is expensive and out of reach for many. There are limited options to increase the use of available land without getting caught in complicated and costly planning approval processes. The Compliant Yurt provides a method to circumvent this conundrum.

The Compliant Yurt is an open source system to allow a decentralised network of users to incrementally build up urban density and diversity. It is designed for maximum affordability and accessibility to the resident unskilled in construction or design through simple DIY assembly, use of off-the-shelf and recycled materials and the structure’s exemption from NSW planning approvals.

In future the Compliant Yurt will be propagated throughout the cities across the nation via an open source network whereby design modifications relevant to local planning authorities can be posted for all to use.