Om Yome Yurt

is a hybrid yurt/geodesic dome structure. It is a modular and portable building with an octagonal floor base and surrounding modular walls and roof. The frame is made of salvaged bamboo and specially designed connectors. Similar to traditional yurts, the textile skin can be raised and lowered to allow light and ventilation into the space. The structure is mounted on a solid wood base. The Om Yome is light weight and easy to assemble. The design is inspired by several pre- existing yome designs (eg. Red Sky Shelters, [online] [accessed 26/4/13]

Depending on the quantity and specifications of the bamboo we salvage, the height of the Om Yome will be 2 meters at the smallest point (from floor to ceiling) and around 2.8 at the highest point at the edge of the ‘toono’. The minimum diameter will be 5 meters.

The Om Yome is a flexible space designed for multiple uses. It’s intention is as a place of gathering, from discursive events, to performances, to group meditation and also for sleeping. The Om Yome comes completely unfurnished except for a custom built, foldable soft-floor. This soft-floor can be installed easily and quickly for events that require audience members to be seated in confortable environment for long periods. The soft-floor is also appropriate for lying down, meditating or sleeping.

The Om Yome is a dynamic space for reflective and enlightening activities.