The Reading Shroom

will morph together various elements from utopian architecture, particularly Buckminster-Fuller’s geodesic dome and Ken Issac’s living structures, to create a giant mushroom that will house a lovingly selected archive of alternative knowledge. The Reading Shroom will be a place to sip fermented “mushroom” tea and interact with artist made, rare, radical or unique books and other ephemera that focus on rouge housing and living experiments.

Fungi form their own unique branch of the plant world – they don’t get their nutrients from chlorophyll but rely instead on matter that has been discarded by other species. They are thus intrinsic recyclers! They have also been known to break down pollution, expand the mind and treat diseases.  The Reading Shroom will be an intimate space for reading, relaxing, talking and sharing, and repairing, culture. It will sporadically create “spores:” discussions, films, workshops and gatherings.

As a true fungi the materials for The Reading Shroom will be sourced, where possible, from those discarded by others. The project will be built by a small team of zanny Begg, Gus Boke and Ed Horne – but is open for volunteers to join Us.