The Super Bush Pole Yurt

will be constructed collaboratively by Dave Harris, Pheobe Trozillo, Matt Prest and Clare Britton. In 2009 (?) Phoeobe and Dave constructed a Yurt that they lived in for a year. Drawing on this knowledge and experience, the super bush pole Yurt is an attempt to translate the Yurt design from its native Mongolia to our contemporary Australian context. It will also be a transfer of information- an opportunity for Clare and Matt to learn the skills necessary to construct their own Yurt. This is a practical and tongue in cheek response to the realities of living as artists and parents within the Sydney Rental Market. This work is practically political- so few people living in a modern Australian context have the skills necessary to build their own home. This is, in part, because what we demand of our living arrangements is so far in excess of our needs. This process is an opportunity to step back from those assumptions and ask- what do we really need and what is the most efficient way to address those needs.

The construction will take place at Ponyland in Northern NSW. Clare and Matt will bring to the project their experience of touring with The Tent (A large freestanding tent sculpted out of scrap metal and trucking canvas by Matt and Danny Egger) as well as sculpture, rigging and sewing skills. Constructed entirely out of Eucalyptus Bush Poles, The Super Bush Pole Yurt is a big event space. Within the Yurt Empire, it will provide a central, multi use large space. It is big enough to house a kitchen, host events and to accommodate sleeping.