Remix Ger

Created by Gawaa, Alexandra Crosby and Rudy Ardianto

This yurt explores the potential of ‘remix’ and ‘open design’ as concepts to frame the Yurt Empire, asking what happens when the methodologies, concerns and organisation of digital forms (software) and practices (remix) and are embodied in the material world. This yurt explores open design (as research, development and production of a physical product through free, common, repurposed and shared design intelligence) as a practice of remix.

This yurt is built using no new materials. Everything is sourced in creative ways by scavenging in the city or the internet. The sourcing of these materials will be documented through an audit that maps their location, previous uses, price etc. This audit will demonstrate that the yurt design is ‘open’ knowledge that can be adapted and localized. It will be displayed in the yurt, perhaps printed on one of the interior textiles. We would like to make part of it an ‘invitation’ to others (all over the world) to ‘remix’ the yurt design.

Its design is a traditional Mongolian yurt but it is about remix with Sydney.

By working solely with discarded materials, we explore yurt building as an innovative appropriation and a critical intervention in the flow of cultural goods, and an essential aspect of their work towards a sustainable economy. We will be looking at online resource distribution networks such as freecycle, ebay and gumtree as part of this process.

gawaa yurt2