Report from the Summer School for Applied Autonomy

This August, while Yurt Empire took a well-deserved rest, Tessa Zettel and Sumugan Sivanesan spent a week in residence at the Summer School for Applied Autonomy, Berlin, doing some hands-on research into what it takes to live off the grid in the name of Art. The Summer School is a project by Greek artist Valentina Karga, in which residents take turns living in a self-sufficient DIY ‘home + garden’ located on a development site in the marginal suburb of Marzahn, eating only what they can grow or trade for. Tessa and Sumu wrote about their experience for Sydney’s own Runway magazine, recently launched as an online platform. You can read their exchange here

cookerSumu experimenting with the solar cooker, successfully coaxed into producing stellar kale chips and dried apples!

trade1Trade with Valentina