Testing the waters with Aqua Yurt

This week, Chris Fox and Adam Kennedy have been busy in the studio testing out the first stage of Aqua Yurt prototyping.

Aqua Yurt is a utility structure providing water catchment, water storage, planters and shelter for the artist lead economy Yurt Empire. Constructed from recycled 15 litre polycarbonate water bottles, Aqua Yurt utilises the geometry and form of this bottle to produce an arrayed hemisphere structure.

140301_Aqua_Yurt  1 LO RES 140301_Aqua_Yurt  2 LO RES


140223_Bottle 140226_Aqua_Yurt 1 140226_Aqua_Yurt 2_lores 140226_Aqua_Yurt 2 140226_Aqua_Yurt 3 140226_Aqua_Yurt 4 140226_Aqua_Yurt 5