CityTalks: Housing Affordability

City of Sydney is presenting a talk next month titled ‘Solving Sydney’s Housing Affordability crisis‘. Here’s the blurb:

“Sydney homes are among the priciest in the world. It costs nearly 5 times more to buy a house or apartment today than it did 23 years ago. Rents have more than tripled. Incomes haven’t kept up. People essential to the city’s function can’t afford to live in it. Medical staff, police and hospitality workers are living hours away from the city centre and surrounds they service.

This CityTalks: Sydney brings together the often competing voices of Sydney’s housing market. They will debate how our city can be made more affordable for its diverse population. This important discussion will inform the City of Sydney’s new housing policy.”

It’s free, and happening on Thursday 12 March6.30pm-8.00pm at Town Hall. Come hear what the likes of Mirvac, Westpac, ACOSS, and Link Housing have to offer on this rarely publicly addressed issue.

In preparation, you might also be interested to read what the City says about affordable housing in its ‘Towards 2030’ plan.