Open House #1

Join us on the 15th May for the first in a series of public events this winter! SYDNEY, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Congratulations Sydney, you are now one of the most unaffordable places to live in the world. How did … Continue reading

It’s totally Pozible!

Our Pozible campaign has officially launched! We are crowdsourcing support for this next stage of the Empire to help buy materials to build the Yurts. We are running this campaign until the 23rd April. You can rush to our campaign … Continue reading

User Generated Architecture | Emergencity

In association with the exhibition User Generated Architecture, Christof Mayer and Andreas Krauth, from raumlabor berlin, will be running an intensive 2 day Generator Workshop in Sydney. And some of us from Yurt Empire will be participating! The Generator Workshops are international, experimental … Continue reading

Cartography Dept. Despatch #1

New from Yurt Empire’s Cartography Dept., as published in the forthcoming atlas-catalogue for Baadlands: An Atlas of Experimental Cartography “Yurt Empire treats cartography as another space of occupation, as a device for looking, for positioning and for remaking. The map depicted in this atlas … Continue reading

Transform Your Turf

A team of Yurt Empiricists participated in a workshop at Vivid Ideas – Transform your Turf: A Story-Led Game to Co-Design Public Housing, 8th June, 2013, Museum of Contemporary Art . This workshop proposed as its starting point the ‘wicked … Continue reading

The Mane Event

In preparation for building the Yurt Empire, and to start the year reflecting on the city by getting out if it, a few empiricists made it to the PONYLAND DREAM FARM, near Nimbin, for the ‘Mane Event’ on 1, 2, 3 … Continue reading

Pop Up or Pop Off

Yurt Empire conductor Rebecca Conroy presented at  ‘Pop Up Spaces: Creating & inspiring the city’, hosted and facilitated by the National Association for the Visual Arts Ltd (NAVA) on Thursday, April 11, 2013. Bek positioned Yurt Empire as an ‘anti-pop up tactic’ to reflect … Continue reading