Aqua Yurt

Aqua Yurt is a utility structure providing water catchment, water storage, planters and shelter for the artist lead economy Yurt Empire. Constructed from recycled 15 litre polycarbonate water bottles, Aqua Yurt utilises the geometry and form of this bottle to produce an arrayed hemisphere … Continue reading

Remix Ger

Created by Gawaa, Alexandra Crosby and Rudy Ardianto This yurt explores the potential of ‘remix’ and ‘open design’ as concepts to frame the Yurt Empire, asking what happens when the methodologies, concerns and organisation of digital forms (software) and practices … Continue reading

The Super Bush Pole Yurt

will be constructed collaboratively by Dave Harris, Pheobe Trozillo, Matt Prest and Clare Britton. In 2009 (?) Phoeobe and Dave constructed a Yurt that they lived in for a year. Drawing on this knowledge and experience, the super bush pole … Continue reading

The Reading Shroom

will morph together various elements from utopian architecture, particularly Buckminster-Fuller’s geodesic dome and Ken Issac’s living structures, to create a giant mushroom that will house a lovingly selected archive of alternative knowledge. The Reading Shroom will be a place to … Continue reading

Om Yome Yurt

is a hybrid yurt/geodesic dome structure. It is a modular and portable building with an octagonal floor base and surrounding modular walls and roof. The frame is made of salvaged bamboo and specially designed connectors. Similar to traditional yurts, the … Continue reading

Compliant Yurt

has the humble ambition to fit in, be accepted and survive in the world of DCPs, LEPs and SEPs, and then to propagate as a stealth housing strategy utilising the gaps in existing regulation which could allow anyone to develop … Continue reading