Permanent Culture Now

Beyond sustainability. This site is made by 2 UK permaculturalists, Stephen Jones and Michael Thomas. It aims to foster a move towards a pragmatic, positive, social, economic and political transition to a permanent culture through sharing information, knowledge and also … Continue reading

Augmented Urban Gardens

This is part of the Resilients project, by FoAM, Belgium Central Saint Martins, UK nadine, Belgium Performing Pictures, Sweden Projekt ATOL, Slovenia Time’s Up, Austria ‘Augmented Urban Gardens involves the study, development and use of urban or urban-fringe gardens. We … Continue reading

The Mane Event

In preparation for building the Yurt Empire, and to start the year reflecting on the city by getting out if it, a few empiricists made it to the PONYLAND DREAM FARM, near Nimbin, for the ‘Mane Event’ on 1, 2, 3 … Continue reading

Adam Kennedy

Adam Kennedy is a Sydney Permaculture instructor, guerrilla gardener and emerging artist, who loves anything to do with soil,   growing good things to eat, hidden spaces in the urban context, mapping, collaboration, interventions and unplanned interactions. Adams role as Milkwood … Continue reading