Urban Incubator, Belgrade

Yurt Empire artist Tessa Zettel is currently on assignment in Belgrade, as a guest of Belgrade – The Toolkit Project, which is part of the Urban Incubator initiative. Tessa is accompanying Marjetica Potrc, whose team of students from Hamburg University … Continue reading

Transform Your Turf

A team of Yurt Empiricists participated in a workshop at Vivid Ideas – Transform your Turf: A Story-Led Game to Co-Design Public Housing, 8th June, 2013, Museum of Contemporary Art . This workshop proposed as its starting point the ‘wicked … Continue reading

Tessa Zettel

Tessa Zettel is a writer, artist and educator. She works across disciplines as a redirective practitioner to imagine or enact other ways of living that are generative of sustainment, dialogue and new economies. Tessa is a co-founder of Makeshift, a … Continue reading